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Considering a career transition to a new field, employer or role in your current organization? 


CBK Consulting Group provides career transition and development support for public health, healthcare administration and social service professionals. We specialize in empowering job seekers to build their dream careers with intention through resume & cover letter curation, workshops, private networking events, and customized consultation.


Let us empower you to make your #DreamJob a reality in less time, with less frustration by cultivating your professional brand and application strategy with intention. 

Find out more about Kristen Lewis MPH, CPH, our Principal Consultant, here.

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When most people find us, they've tried everything already. They've applied to 100 jobs with little to no interview offers. They can't get past the USAJobs blackhole even in roles they are overqualified for. They don't have any "relevant" experience, if any at all. They're not even sure their dream job exists, let alone if it can pay their bills.  We empower them to reimagine their career and their career search as an opportunity a next step toward the work life they really want, not just the one they end up with. 


Applying online does work - keywords don't.


Great for those who have trouble articulating their professional experience or are having no luck applying to jobs online. Our resumes beat the Applicant Tracking Systems, cut down on time spent applying and highlight your skills that are most relevant to the career you want. 


With a Resume Revamp, you'll walk away with everything you need to create a polished resume in an eye-catching format. 

Includes a 1:1 career consultation, Resume & Cover Letter Workbook and streamlined "copy-and-paste" ready resume template.


Pricing: $200 - $250 (add cover letter: $300 - $350)


Book a FREE 15 min consult, here.


We all have 24 hours in our day... leave the boring stuff to us. 


The #BOSS Upgrade is the perfect option if you have zero time to add the content from your Resume Review consultation into the streamlined format that we provide... or just have more fun things to do!


Includes everything from the Revamp package, but we add the content for you.


Pricing: $400 - $450 (add cover letter $500)

Book a FREE 15 min consult, here.


Want to increase recruitment via LinkedIn for positions in your field? Let us boost traffic to your profile using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Includes 1:1 consult call, re-curated web content and follow up guidance on LinkedIn strategy engagement.

Pricing: $200

Book a FREE 15 min consult, here.


Interested in applying via USAJobs for your dream job in the federal government? 


The Federal job application process is a completely different game than in other sectors. Before you pay $$$$ for a federal resume, get the tools you'll need to curate them for yourself during a private 60 min 1:1 session. (Hint: You'll need a new resume for each USAjob you apply to anyway!)


Pricing: $75


Book a FREE 15 min consult, here.


Like the Resume Revamp - #Boss Upgrade, but for federal jobs. 

The #BOSS Upgrade is the perfect option if you have zero time to add the content from our 1:1 consultation into the streamlined format that we provide... or just have more fun things to do!

Includes everything from the Federal Jobs - Beat The Cert package, but we add the content for you.

Pricing: $500 

Book a FREE 15 min consult, here.


Need us to take a look at your resume and help you figure out what to DO with that degree and that mixed bag of experience?


Want to work with us to create a "job-hunt" strategy that will increase your chances of finding and landing that Dream Job?


Need us to polish your interview skills with a professional "elevator pitch", boost your confidence and practice carefully crafted, genuine answers to common interview questions relative to your field?


1 - 2 sessions are needed for most clients.


Pricing: $100/session


Book a FREE 15 min consult, here.

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Najja Salmon, MPH

Public Health Analyst

I'm so lucky to have met Kristen when I did! I first started working with her in fall of 2017 after completing well over 100 job applications from June to September.


After working with her I applied to five positions and I received an interview with my current organization. Within 1 business day of interviewing with my current company, I received a call saying that I received the job. I know that without Kristen's resume and interviewing skills services, I would have likely not landed the job!


Due to my fantastic experience working with Kristen, I have referred anyone who is looking to polish their resume and interviewing skills to her!

Alicia Days, MPH

Data Analyst 

Kristen is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is not only extremely bright but very talented at what she does. Kristen will make you feel comfortable, answer any questions you may have, and respond in a timely and professional manner.


I am extremely grateful for all of the help that she has and will continue to provide me with as a navigate towards my dream job.


I would without a doubt recommend Kristen and her services to anyone looking to change careers, boost up their LinkedIn profile, or learn resume and job application tips!

Mercedes Harris

Workers' Compensation Professional

Kristen has helped me tremendously in my career journey by helping me solidify what direction I would to take my career in, which is something that I have struggled with since I graduated from college.


I have such a clear view of what my interests and strengths are as far as my career. I have never sat down and analyzed that prior to meeting with Kristen.


She’s so pleasant and easy-going! If you are unsure of where to take your career and just need a kick start to get going, CBK is the place to start!!

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Kristen Lewis, MPH, CPH is the Principal Consultant of CBK Consulting Group LLC. Based in Tampa Bay, she leads an international, multi-sector consulting firm serving two distinct audiences - professionals and organizations - both with a vision to drive change in their communities. 

Kristen specializes in helping public health, healthcare administration and social service professionals who are struggling to make the transition onto the path toward their dream job. Most often, our clients are recent graduates or professionals that want to transition into the field or within the field. 

In addition to founding CBK Consulting Group, Kristen has served in various public health leadership and direct-service roles including a HIV prevention health educator implementing high-impact prevention interventions, an evaluation fellow measuring the effectiveness of the federal vaccine education curriculum and the Vice President of Health Strategies with the American Heart Association.

Her wide scope of topic area experience in sexual health, substance abuse, maternal and child health, healthcare administration, health policy, and chronic disease provide a multi-sector perspective in the areas of prevention, health equity, social justice, advocacy and cultural competence. 

Kristen earned a Bachelor's Degree from Purdue University in African American Studies, and a Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., If she’s not with a client, you can find her on her back patio, hanging out with her husband and one-year-old twins, Imani and Amir. 

Click Here to Connect with Kristen via LinkedIn!


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